Charades Pictionary Catchphrase

Three variants of timeless guessing game which always make a lot of fun. Everyone - kid or adult at least once in your life, was playing charades during a meeting and knows that is the best way to spend your free time with friends or family. One of the players presents some word or phrase and others are trying to guess it as quickly as possible, but sometimes charades words are really hard. Despite the objective is the same, the way you present the pictionary or charades phrase may be different. It doesn't matter which kind of the game you choose - everything you need are group of people, our online words generator and of course good mood.

Easy Medium Hard

Playing time:
No limit 1 min 3 min 5 min

About generator

The website has been created for kids and adults who love playing charades, catchphrase or pictionary online for free. Unfortunately, these games required some preparation. We mean the word list of charades words or pictionary phrases. Our online generator is the best solution of this problem. It features a huge words and phrases list which you can use every time you want. Everything you need is a computer or phone with a connection to the internet. You might forget about preparing splits of papers, you are able to start the game immediately. Moreover, you can play with kids and adults, because it is option to choose a difficulty level. There are three levels and they consist of: simply words, titles of books or movies, idioms, proverbs and much more! You don't have to use a stopwatch, because you can set up the game time in our charades word generator.


In charades game you have to act out your phrase without speaking.


In pictionary game you have to demonstrate the word on a board or a paper. You can use only your pen, you mustn't talk or pantomime during it.


In catchphrase game - you have to describe generated phrase using other words.

Game rules

Commonly, the players are divided into two teams. Decide which one starts. One person from team A draws the word from our online generator and try to present it to her/his team-mates. The demonstration is finished when the phrase is guessed or time is up. In the first case the team gets the point, in the second it does not. Next, one player from the other team use our generator and start showing the phrase. Her/his team-mates try to guess it as quickly as possible. Of course, if they do it, team B will score the point. This is one round of the game. The play continues until one team reach the final score or every player has had a chance to present the phrase. Don't worry to have your own division and rules! Remember that the number of teams may be higher and you can also play singly. You can decide about rules of scoring points or players' turns.

The number of players

It is from 2 (if you play singly) or 4 (if you play in teams) up to every number of people who can hold up in the room.

Before the play

1. Start our phrase generator on your phone or computer.
2. Choose the difficulty level of phrases and game time.
3. Decide which variant of the game you want to play (charades, pictionary, catchphrase).
4. If you pick pictionary you have to prepare the board or paper and pencil earlier.
5. Set the rules.
6. Play!

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